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Annick Mayer

Executive Producer @ BuTTER

Annick Mayer is the EP of Butter Music and Sound LA. As EP, she is focused on leading the office into new and exciting endeavors. Most notably, Annick launched a co-write program between bands and Butter's world class composers, allowing agencies to work with bands while still having the custom experience of a music house. Before making her way to the advertising side of the music biz, Annick worked in music PR and music journalism. She took a job at Saatchi & Saatchi NY on whim and has been on the ad side of the business ever since. She jumped to the vendor side to take a producer position at Butter's headquarters in NY. In 2014, Annick relocated to Los Angeles to help launch the Butter LA office. In addition to her passion for music, she also has a passion for dogs, jokes, and wine. 


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SarH Herron

Founder @ Shelift

SheLift was founded by Sarah Herron, the Colorado native who gained her notoriety on ABC’s The Bachelor for being the first contestant with a physical disability. Sarah was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, but it hasn’t stopped her from climbing mountains, skiing double black diamonds and even searching for love on television. It was the outreach of young women who watched and related to Sarah on the show that inspired her to start SheLift. 


Upcoming Retreat:

SheLift is currently fundraising for the next retreat to be hosted in Moab Utah. Donate here!


Featured Work:

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